Potens Semiconductor Corp. is a company dedicated to discrete device design. We are a group of technicians with more than 20 years of experience in technology with the wish to challenge human technology life, the purpose of creating a better life for human beings, and work together to develop a high-performance power IC. Low/Medium voltage MOSFETs applied in consumer, high voltage and power IGBTs applied in industrial, Super Junction and advanced GaN/SiC raw material process products, etc. are all in the coverage of product/development in Potens Semiconductor Corp. Their product lines are widely applied in consumer, communication, industrial and automotive fields such as 5G applications, fully automated vehicles, wireless power transmission, cloud data center, etc.



WOLFSPEED Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs enable higher switching frequencies and reduce the size of components like inductors, capacitors, filters & transformers.  WOLFSPEED's Silicon Carbide MOSFETs replace silicon devices to enable lower switching and conduction losses with higher blocking voltages and avalanche capability. WOLFSPEED established a new benchmark for energy-efficient power switches when they created the industry's first fully-qualified Silicon Carbide MOSFET in 2011, and it has been perfecting the technology ever since.