Since 1947, APM HEXSEAL has been proudly designing and manufacturing innovative sealing solutions at their plant in NJ. This enables APM HEXSEAL to control the entire process, from first thought to finished product, and provide high-quality products and exceptional customer service. APM HEXSEAL is proud to say that all the products are manufactured in America.

Sealing hardware has a dual purpose. It is designed to fasten two or more components together while preventing essential process fluids from escaping and contaminants from entering. As a result, it helps maintain the integrity of the process material and the performance of the system, which can lead to greater productivity, longer uptime, and smaller maintenance and repair costs.

Sealing Products


NINGBO CHENTE Electronics Technologies Co, Ltd. was established in 2010. They are passionate about R&D designing, manufacturing, and selling kinds of keypads & keyboards. In order to achieve the stated objective of quality products and services, the company has obtained ISO 9001-2015 certification. Also, the company is armed with advanced precision mold manufacturing equipment, high-speed hardware pressing equipment, precision plastic injection equipment, CNC machining, automatic assembly line, and inspection/testing devices.