Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) provides the highest quality power solutions for Industrial Applications, Telecom Infrastructures, Cloud Computing, Automotive, and Consumer Applications.

MPS Power Modules offer superior performance and size advantages when compared to other industry-leading solutions. The monolithic design allows for faster switching frequency, which leads to ultra-fast transient response and size reduction. Our high efficiency and advanced packaging make thermal design easy.



VOLTBRICKS is a global designer and manufacturer of EMI filters and DC/DC converters up to 1000 W. Our converters support customers around the world in their strive to reduce engineering design time and expenses while contributing to the miniaturization and productivity of their end products. All VOLTBRICKS sites have quality management systems certified to ISO 9001.



MORNSUN is a one-stop power supply solutions manufacturer. With 23 years of experience in the area of power supply design and manufacture, MORNSUN has released onto the global market 5000+ high-quality products including AC/DC Converter, AC/DC Enclosed Switching Power Supply, Transceiver Module, Signal Conditioning Module, IGBT Driver, LED Driver, ENC Auxiliary Device, et. for different applications and industries, such as industrial automation, charging station photovoltaic telecommunications, medical, smart home, automotive industry, and more. Guided by the service principle of "Trustworthiness", MORNSUN offers the best products, fast and local service, and efficient pre-sales and after-sales support for clients worldwide.