Ferrite circulators and isolators offer industry-leading insertion loss performance, a critical parameter in radar design. Trans-Tech’s innovative and cost-effective components can be integrated into military and commercial applications, demonstrating their versatility and wide-reaching relevance.

Trans-Tech’s vast RF circulator and isolator portfolio guarantees clean transmit signals by providing low insertion loss and superior intermodulation distortion (IMD) performance. This leading performance in crucial aspects of radar design not only enhances the efficiency of your applications but also assures the quality of signal transmission.

Trans-Tech's commitment and proven applications help achieve high performance and cost-effectiveness. Trans-Tech offers Circulators and Isolators for Wireless Infrastructure Applications and Radar Applications.



HI MICROWAVE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, a manufacturer of microwave parts, assemblies, and antenna systems, was incorporated in China in 2004. HI is an abbreviation for Hertz Infinite which is also its vision to extend its product range up to 30 kHz-110 GHz+ (for GaAs, HEMT, PHEMT, and MMIC based products) and 220GHz+ (for Millimeter-wave products and subsystems)



Shijiazhuang METDA Electronic Technology Limited Corporation was founded in 1993 is a subsidiary company fully invested by HSRI. HSRI was founded in Beijing and moved to Shijiazhuang in Hebei province in 1963.

After 60 years of development and expansion, HSRI has become a large, comprehensive semiconductor institute of high technical level and specialization structure, engaged in microelectronics, optoelectronics, MEMS, MOEMS, and advanced semiconductor sensor fields. It specializes in electronic packages, electronic functional materials, measurement and tests, and other basic support field development and research. It is one of the earliest units that enroll and educate masters of engineering. It is also a united doctor education unit. HSRI provides METDAC with powerful science and research support and economic backing. It also brings a powerful driving force to the development and production of METDA.