About Us


M-Plus Technologies

M-Plus Technologies serves as international representative and distributor of leading electronics manufacturers in Turkey. Our product range includes electronic materials, power supplies, optoelectronic displays, RF products, modules and memory solutions. We, along with experienced Engineers and Sales team, provide professional technical support from design phase to completion of sales.
M-Plus technologies is a subsidiary of Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

Our office  is located in Istanbul, center of the electronics market.

M-Plus Technologies was founded in 2009;  is currently one of the most experienced representatives and distribution in this market. Basically, our expertise contains digital/analog, communication tools, RF products and military applications. We are the best choice in the Turkish market thanks to our technical information, our expert team of engineers and our local and international business know-how.

M-Plus Technologies is focused on the representation of the leading manufacturers in the world. We see ourselves as an extension of our manufacturers and we work as local sales office.
* In this way we help suppliers;
* to establish direct contact with customers
* to provide immediate technical and logistics support to customer
* to receive real feedback about the market
* to filter requests for quotes to maintain reasonable price level
* to concentrate on product line of distributors

M-Plus Technologies offers comprehensive engineering solution in design process while offering procurement support during sales process.

M-Plus Technologies focuses on new designs by providing technical documents, samples and technical support in design process. We not only provide quick response time to OEM and distributors but also we remain in close contact with purchasing.

We provide;
local market views
new designs, high potential programs and market demand for new products
potential customer and valid price level
prediction to supplier



All users of electronic material in different diameters, who operates in the market, are our customer..